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Who's the Realist

I am Tonya Harbor,
a Proud realist of EatClean RAwJoYny™ LLC. I am just starting to get my business up and running online in 2021, but I have been in business since 2017. I started E.C.R.J because I have a vision. My vision is to help people become healthier by providing them with information and products that will help them Eat, Act, & Think Clean while realizing they are worth the JoYny (like journey). To do this, I provide...

Body Sprays (Coming Soon)
Lotions (Coming Soon)
Body Oils
Hand Sanitizers 
Inspirational Blogs ...
on how to become a better them. YOU🧘🏿‍♀️🧘🏿‍♂️

What makes my techniques different?

I take L☥fe as it is (Sometimes) and chose to live in the now paving a way for my future first, then my second thought is for my children. A Legacy I will leave with them for them to leave with their children and for future generations to come.

What is your why?

Living on this "Free" planet where I am being charged to have a “Life", so my "Fake" bills are not going to pay themselves. 

School, medical, and other "Mental" fees the mind feels compelled to pay.

To have a healthy lifestyle can be yours too if the "Price" is right.

My children deserve more so "Sayless".

I am making “Money moves" for a better future business.

You must “Teach" to "Reach" more. A closed mouth cannot get fed. "Greedy" palms will get greased, but on my "Terms" only.

I am transparent so I already see my success

I am the Author of my Mind.

I am the Controller of my Body.

I am the CEO of my Spirit.

So, there is NO room for mental, physical, or soul abuse.